Gratitude Benefits

Gratitude inspires you.
Gratitude nourishes the soul.
Gratitude makes others feel better.
Gratitude is easy, quick, and simple.
Gratitude puts you on a direct line to God.
Gratitude frees you from petty annoyances.
Gratitude attracts the right people into your life.
Gratitude raises your awareness of things around you.
Gratitude changes your view of so-called “bad” things.
Gratitude is an instant blues-breaker and stress-reliever.
Gratitude is like compound interest on money in the bank: the more you put in, the more you get out.
Gratitude is a spiritual act because it acknowledges that the origin of all good things is a source outside ourselves.
Gratitude stops you taking your life for granted and helps you realize how many good things you have in your life.
Gratitude puts your thoughts and feelings on a high vibration level that in turn attracts back to you more things to be grateful for.
Gratitude makes you feel better. In the words of an Arabian proverb, “The hand that gives the roses always keeps some of the scent.”


Make gratitude a habit with the workbook

The Gratitude Workbook | Gratitude Journal PDF

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