Character Dimensions

In order to be a well-balanced individual we need to spread the focus of our lives across multiple facets of our personality. Naturally if we focus too much on one area then we will experience significant mental distress if that dimension falters. If our focus is spread across multiple dimensions we have a stronger foundation for our life and will not fall apart if one area does not meet our expectations


There are various different guidelines for physical health. Exercise has been shown to be more effective than any anti-depressant. The current guidelines to maintain your physical health and safeguard against dementia are 5 * 30/40 minute sessions a week of aerobic exercise and 2 sessions of strength training.


Spirituality is often confused with religion but the overarching notion of spirituality is that there is a life force in the universe that we can draw upon. In religion the universal force is God. Similar modalities are qi (energy in Chinese medicine) and reiki energy.

Although the number of practicing Christians in the UK is falling,  faith in God is actually beneficial to our health. Studies suggest that faith in God and heaven is an evolutionary advantage for sentient beings because it assuages our fear of death. An area of the brain linked to faith and religions belief has been identified and given the moniker of the ‘God Spot.’  Countless studies have also identified physiological benefits of individuals who pray or meditate. Studies have also shown that the is a statistically significant effect on the recovery of hospital patients who are prayed for.


Manage your spending so that your outgoings match your income.


Keep yourself challenged intellectually. Learning a new language is a good example as this will not only challenge you intellectually but bilingual indivuals



Do you have a plan for your career? Set yourself short, medium and long term goals. Goals and targets need to be SMART and re-assessed and evaluated on a regular basis


Quality of Life


Make an inventory of the personality traits, positive and negative. The following personality traits are taken from guidelines for recovery from addiction. These traits also apply to anyone recovering from a life crisis.


Life Vision

What is your vision for your life? Create a vision board. Review it regularly and add new pictures. You are more likely to manifest a vision that is clear and focused

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